We are Pioneer in Staffing and Technological Partnership

InfoSpeed Services Inc is a global staffing service firm, providing the most efficient resources to our North America clients since 2007. Our goal is to ensure that we hire, develop, and retain the most capable and eligible professionals to achieve our customer’s goals promptly and skillfully. Our team works towards a seamless blend of business, technology, and professional services by combining our execution of skills with proven processes to help our clients retain their competitive edge. We maintain a primary focus on maximizing profitability and optimizing the business process through technology and human resources leveraged in business process outsourcing: on-site, on-shore/offshore, and subcontracting. Our key to success is our vision to excel in integrating strategic resources, enterprise applications, and technology solutions with business operations for innovative, quality, and cost-efficient services on a worldwide customer delivery model. Our primary office is located San Jose, California and our offshore office is located in India to further support clients.


    Our Clients

    InfoSpeed Services Inc is dedicated to understanding the needs of all our clients and assemble teams and professionals for short-term and long terms projects. As a company, we take pride in employing the best practices in talent management in order to offer a competitive advantage to our valued clients.

    Infospeed Staffing Solution

    Our staffing specialists provide contract consultants, permanent staff and managed services.
    InfoSpeed Services Inc enables our customers to have access to the best resources available in the marketplace.
    Flexibility for both short and long term assignments, augmenting project teams and filling in resource gaps where needed.

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